Cairn O'Mount Mills


Cairn O'Mount Mills

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I had never been over the Cairn O'Mount until earlier on this year! I couldn't believe I hadn't been to such a beautiful place and so close to home. At the top, looking over into the distance I could see all of these windmills, and they sat so artistically. And as much as people say they ruin the landscape.. I think they look lovely and they are working to help save our planet! That can only be a good thing.

This image will definitely look the most striking in Large!

Printed locally in Aberdeen on Fine Art Paper.

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Size Guide:

  • Small: 41.8x9cm 
  • Small with a 1cm white border: 43.8x11cm


  • Medium: 60x12cm
  • Medium with a 2cm white border: 64x16.9cm


  • Large: 80x17.2cm
  • Large with a 3cm white border: 86x23.2cm